How to prepare the best cup of coffee: tips and recipe


Learn how to prepare the best cup of coffee following this recipe that we propose and taking into account some basic preparation tips, useful to make the best coffee.

As surely know, coffee is the drink obtained from the infusion of the roasted and ground seeds of the fruits of the coffee plant or coffee (Coffea arabica), highly recognized for their different – and known – stimulating qualities being very rich in caffeine.

Starting a Coffee House one cup at a time
About habits and customs in making, prepare and drink coffee there are many. Some people enjoy consuming it alone, without adding any sweetener, and those who do not support their taste so bitter and strong and bring you prefer sugar for sweetness. Likewise, there are those who can not live without drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, though admittedly not good coffee after waking or drink coffee on an empty stomach , because our stomach could suffer and on the other hand the effect of caffeine not be the same.

Of course, regardless of personal tastes that everyone has when drinking your cup of coffee, it is true that it is extremely useful to follow a few basic tips, tricks guidelines and very suitable to prepare a good coffee . You want to discover?.


Some basic tips to consider before making the coffee

  • Always select a good coffee: but it all depends on personal taste of each, it is clear that to make a good coffee is always necessary to get quality coffee, preferably loose.
  • Always use freshly roasted beans: with the passage of time, the different qualities of coffee bean dwindle, especially if you already bought roasted packaging. Therefore, the best option is to always try to purchase at a specialty shop where toasted coffee before buying. You can also purchase fresh and toast at home.
  • Choose to buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself / a: many experts believe that the industrial ground is one of the biggest “enemies” for both taste and to the smell of coffee. Hence, many advise yourself with a manual or electric grinder and grind yourself / a coffee just when they go to prepare it.
  • Careful packaging and where you keep it : it is always advisable to grind the coffee only to be consumed, and store the rest in an airtight container, away from any heat source and keeping it at a cool temperature.

How to prepare the best coffee in step

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1. Grind coffee beans

Grinding coffee beans should always be in small amounts and in the right amount to make the drink according to the cups are consumed. The reason is that since the coffee is ground tends to lose its flavor quickly, hence, also we tend to give us “hurry” when elaborate.

Yes, the ground should not be too thin or too thick. In the first case would not allow water to pass through it, and the second would happen so quickly that not impregnate aroma and flavor.

2. Prepare the coffee

It is clear that coffee must be perfectly clean and dry. Enter purified mineral water right in the desired amount, put the freshly ground coffee and put the fire.

3. While the coffee is …

You must monitor the water does not boil. In this sense, it is advised that the water temperature is always between 95 and 96 ° C.

4. Before serving, preheat the cup

It is advised that before serving coffee in the cup it be a little hot. The reason is that if the cup is hot will help the flavor and aroma of coffee is not distorted a bit, which itself would occur if the cup is hot.

5. And when making

Many experts who advise drinking coffee alone without any sweetener. In this sense, some time ago we told you about the benefits of drinking black coffee . However, everything depends on the personal tastes of each. The key is to enjoy the cup of coffee and relax with the cup in your hand and try to capture their aroma and flavor.

Some disadvantages of Owning a Coffee Business

  1. Top Quality Coffee Machine
  2. A Good Coffee Grinder
  3. A Perfectly Brewed Coffee Beans
  4. The Expensive Equipment to Buy and Use
  5. All Coffee machines need water and ice to run properly.
    The machines can cause water leaks, flooding or water damage that can
    damage your business and equipment.
  6. There is competition in this industry, the best coffee shops in the US.


The Many Trends for Countertops at a New Coffee Shop

One of the biggest trends, when it comes down to countertops is eco-friendly. Basically, eco-friendly countertops will mean that the materials used are green and are very friendly to the environment, which is quite popular nowadays.

The reason why this is becoming so popular is because there are a lot of benefits from eco-friendly materials and decorating. You will also be protecting the environment as well when you are using eco-friendly countertops, which are another reason why they are becoming so popular nowadays.

Not only is it becoming popular for people to use green countertops but it is also becoming popular for people to use eco-friendly for everything, from their décor to complete renovations. Your countertops, in the kitchen and bathrooms specifically, are no exception. Also, these countertops are not only friendly to the environment but they are also affordable and they look gorgeous as well.

concrete countertops

Here are some of the Eco-Friendly Countertops:

Salvaged Countertops

Countertops made out of salvaged materials can really give your home a rustic or even industrial look, which is pretty trendy nowadays. So by using recycled materials, you will be able to achieve this look without a doubt. There are many places to retrieve materials from such as an abandoned building or a building scheduled for demolition

Bamboo Countertops

Another popular eco-friendly countertop is made out of bamboo and this is friendly because bamboo grows exactly fast. If you want to have a bright appearance in your kitchen then you cannot go wrong with bamboo countertops and they can match just about any décor as well.

Countertops Made out of Recycled Glass

You can actually get countertops that are made from recycled glass and BioGlass specializes in this. These countertops are completely recycled and they are gorgeous as well.

Concrete Countertops

Another popular countertop that is being used nowadays is countertops made from concrete. These can look amazing and they can be custom made to fit your kitchen and counters perfectly, and the best part is that they last forever.

Countertops Made From Resin

Resin countertops is another trendy countertop being used, that you will want to consider.

Another Trendy is Refurbishing

The best method and the greenest method is to simply use the countertops you already have. You can refurbish them and make them look completely different or simply restore them back to their former look, or even make them a lot better than it was.

You can see that the most popular countertops and the most popular trends are all eco-friendly. Not just that these countertops are gorgeous but they are also contributing to the protection of our planet.


Tips You Can Use For Refrigeration Maintenance And Repair

The key to making your refrigerator last a long time is consistent maintenance.  That is something that many people, unfortunately, take some time to learn.  If you recently bought a brand new refrigerator, then chances are you won’t have any problems whatsoever for several years.  However, once you do start to have issues, you most likely will need to start doing repairs on a regular basis.  In this article, we will be addressing a few refrigerator service maintenance and repair tips that can be used to help you add a number of years of use to the life of your refrigerator starting right now.


Set The Temperature

If your refrigerator is being delivered to your home, the delivery person will most likely set the temperature to the correct setting.  However, if you did the set up on your own, then it might be either too low or too higher. The correct temperature range for your refrigerator is 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  That will keep all your food at the right temperature, and ensure that it lasts as long as possible.  It will also save the most money for you.

Always Keep Something Inside Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators operate off of thermal mass.  What that basically means is that having your refrigerator well stocked will make it more efficient.  If you have cheese, milk, meat and all other essential items stored inside your refrigerator all the time, particularly if there is an attached freezer, that will help it operate at its most optimum level. An empty refrigerator, on the other hand, at some point will end up compromising the motor, and you will need to get a new one much earlier than is normal.

Those are just a couple common tips that can be used for keeping your refrigeration unit running smoothly.  If any repairs do need to be performed, there are ones that you can do yourself, such as checking the seals on the doors, changing light bulbs and cleaning the coils.  Anything beyond that and you will definitely want to contact a repair technician who will know just what to do and have the right tools for the job.  Follow our simple suggestions and it will be easy to keep the same fridge for many years into the future.